Ahhhh summertime

It was a long cold winter but we made it. The snow is all gone, people are getting their boats out of storage and fishing seasons are starting to open. We have a full supply of minnows in various sizes, lots of leeches, and enough dew worms to eat a golf course. Come on in and stock up for some soft water fun.

Also the spring turkey hunt is in full swing and many customers are getting either their first or personal best birds this year. Come on in to brag, share your story or ask how you can get started in this fun spring activity.Holly's Bird

New Winter Hours

IMG00098-20120219-1751Yes its that time of year again, winter is upon us and the Hardwater season is in full swing. We are back into our winter hours, opening nice and early on Friday, Saturday and Sundays right thru until march. Doors will open at 6:30 am so you can get your minnows and whatever else you will need for the day. Island lake is now fully open in town here and the hammer handle pike are abundant as always. Just a reminder, if fishing there, you are not allowed to bring bait into the park. If you want bigger pike or the chance at a walleye or two, take a drive towards Fergus on CTY RD #3 and try your luck at Belwood Conservation. Our minnows are like candy out there. Lots of winter fishing to be had in the area, come on in and see what we can help you out with.

Tight Lines, DOS

Spring time, can it be?

Well we had a fantastic winter here at Dufferin Outdoor Supply. The ice fishing was the best and longest in memory. The addition of minnow sales here really helped out and we were able to keep stock of big shiners when most others ran out. The hard water season is still going and will be for a while yet, just be sure to be careful out there and be sure to watch the ice conditions. We are going back to summer hours now, no longer opening at 6:30 am back to the 10am openings for now.
Steelhead season is just starting to rock, come check out our Raven stock, always getting more in also.
Winter is finally having its lasts gasps. Come on soft water season.1507187_598426316915364_2011198958_n

Last Chance Ice opportunities

MINNOWS, MINNOWS, MINNOWS. Dufferin Outdoor Supply has emerald shiners. Rumor has it that everybody is sold out across southern ontario or they only have tiny pinners. Well we just opened our second tank up and we have a good stock of 3″ shiners. Spread the word…1900035_600959873328675_389849833_n

Winter fades, spring is around the corner

Well to say it has been a long winter would be an understatement. With over 30″ of ice on most of Lake Simcoe, it has been one of the best years in recent memory for ice fishing. Although Whitefish and Lake Trout close on the 15th on Lady Simcoe we will be icing perch well into April the way things look. As of March 13th, all remaining Ice Fishing gear is 20% off while stock lasts, bait and minnows excluded.

That being said, anglers are starting to gear up for spring steelhead fishing and we now have most of our stock in and ready to go. If you are looking for a new ‘Pin’ setup for the year or if pier fishing is more your preferred style, we have you covered with Offerings from RAVEN, St.Croix and Shimano. Come on in and check us out.1898041_487062584732537_1373352947_n

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